Karim Bahgat

HR Consulting Partner

Amani is an HR  expert with both operational and strategic strength resulted from long career span over 25 years in the Human Resources field where she held many  management positions in multinational corporations from diverse industries Pharmaceutical, Petroleum and FMCG fields within Egypt and the Middle East countries. Her experience including leading corporations each in its specialty including  Pfizer, British Petroleum and Coca Cola. 

Amani built on her corporate experience to continue her career in the field of management consultancy. Amani enjoys a high level of business awareness and sound judgement that allows her to properly support organization during turn around or start- up phase to leverage their full potentiality. 

Amani’s main areas of expertise and specialism are performance management, Competency Modeling and Competency Based HRM, Development & Assessment centers, training as well as Corporate Governance.  Amani also has records in managing, delivering & participating in various Assessment & Development Centers, Talent Management & Succession Planning projects for selection and career advancements purposes within the organization. 

Amani's past experience and achievements have confirmed her possession and mastery of business competencies including interpersonal skills, results-orientation, problem solving and sound decision-making. She enjoys  a dynamic and motivating working environment that supports in driving organization success. She is capable of establishing solid relations with talents from different culture and back grounds reaching to a successful business results.

Amani is accredited and certified trainer from RITI University. She is considered an experienced HR trainer specialized in designing, developing and delivering a lot of training sessions and workshops in the field of personal development, management, motivation and HR topics. Practices various lecturing and conducting interactive workshops and seminars for individuals and international corporations within the Middle East region. Practiced various developmental activities in the field of banking, FMCG and universities 

Amani’s  strong  academic background -holding Three Diplomas  in the Field of Marketing, Human Resources and Six Sigma from American University and Master Degree in Human Resources from Arab Academy, Subsidiary of Michigan University added to her  portfolio of expertise and strengthened her practical knowledge.

Karim is an experienced HR - professional with 10 + years of experience in multinationals, large size local and start- up companies. Holding a BSc. Of HR management along with several HR technical and leadership development certificates. He has obtained a full scope of HR functions in Telecom, Real estate, Fin-Tech, ICT and Hi-Tech industries. Throughout his several assignments with Vodafone, UPSCALE, reachcom, Masary and ACT

Karim has earned a solid wealth of HR strategic and operational experience covering most of: Rewards management, benefits, executive rewards, employee relations, HR information systems, conflict resolution, mediation, HR policies development, compliance and HR analytics

•He Possesses good knowledge of talent acquisition & management, staff development, business partnerships and organizational change management

•Liaises with the top level and middle level of management in improving HR services through implementation of new policies & procedures based on business requirements.

•High mentoring ability along with Excellent communication and team collaboration

Karim also has key contributions with High Return Group team since its early start as talented HR consultant    in designing and deploying the following:


• HRG Job grading methodology

•7 points Pay-scale model

•HRG 3H – Talent identifier model

•Competency Based Appraisal Model

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