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Due to the successful and continuous partnership between High Return and ACT, Tarek Moussa -the managing director- has facilitated 4 training workshops about the Competency Based Interviewing (CBI) For 60 of ACT leaders and managers. 
As a result, the managers were very satisfied from these training sessions and how useful it was and this will lead to a more professional hiring and selection process in ACT.

HR Talks needs Experience & Practices

that enable Business students to become Business Leaders

One of the most beneficial HR Talks was held by Mr. Wael AbouElNour – Managing Partner at High Return. He brought  25+ years of experience leading HR in multinational organizations.

                                                 High Return Group supports Knowledge Mini MBA program !
As a part of our core business values, collaborating with educational and training entities within the HR field through sharing the hands-on knowledge and experiences is our mission towards HR youngsters. Mr. Wael Abou ElNour-High Return's Managing Partner, was invited to facilitate a session on Strategic Human Resources Management.
It was an interactive session with the participants hosted by Dr. Ahmed Maher, where Wael introduced the principles of strategic HR management, HR framework, real life situations of how HR adds value to businesses and answered participants' inquiries at High Return we collaborate with all stakeholders to promote a positive influence in the HR field in Egypt and MENA region.


Mr.Wael explained what it takes to be an

HR Professional 

"AUC HR Class"

-April 2017-

 High Return’s Partners Annual Gathering

     We appreciate all  partners and associates who lead many success stories of High Return.

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