Our Story

High Return Group is a fast-growing HR development firm, founded in 2014 by Tarek Moussa- Managing Director and Wael AbouElnour­. We bring more than 25+ years of expertise in corportae multinationals together with our unique services that we provide enabling organizations to grow and achieve their business success in the smartest and most effective way

Our Vision

To be the Partner of Choice who ensures highest return on the human capital investments by developing smart propositions that fulfill customers' current and future business success

Our Mission

We are strategic partners in building businesses by maximizing the value of human capital and providing a wide scope of human resources practices that span from consultation & strategic HR management to talent acquisition and building capabilities

Our Values

At High Return, we believe that embracing and living by our values is at heart of our culture to ensure that the business continually grows and nourish the relationship with our partners.

Customer Centricity

In High Return, we do believe that our clients are the key success factor and the most precious asset. All our strategies, decisions and actions always put the customer in the heart of the process. Customer satisfaction is not a target we chase or aim to achieve, it is rather a culture and value we live.


We have a unique business model that promotes collaboration with all stakeholders involved in operating our business. We also give our full attention to other peers in the market, providing them with support whenever needed as we are strong believers in collaboration more than competition. We aim to influence the HR industry’s progression positively in Egypt and Middle East which requires joint forces and several practices from all experts lead this industry.

Commitment to success

We are fully committed and responsible towards our client’s HR project success. In addition, we act with full commitment towards clients’ business success in several aspects such as business growth, efficient spending and maximize revenues and profits.

Business Integrity

We operate at the highest levels of integrity with our partners and clients. it takes years to build a trust and few seconds to lose it. We are keen to deal with high standards of integrity with all internal and external stakeholders, consulting partners and clients. We strongly adhere and enforce a value of zero tolerance towards any sort of corruption, bribery, abuse, copyrights breach and discrimination in all our deals and communication.


We believe that respecting others is our path to be one of the best HR providers. Respect leads to Respect.

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